Custom Smokers & BBQ Pits

We offer financing on all of our smokers. Ask us about our 0% Interest Options!

Full House Smoker Series

$3,600 & Up

Insulated Firebox, Golf Cart Wheels & Tires, Stainless Front Shelf, Chrome Stack, and so Much More!

Big Party Trailer

$5,100 & Up

4' x 8' Custom Trailer, 2" Ball Hitch, LED Lights (wiring in the frame), 3500 lbs Axel, 15" Wheels and Tires, 24" x 72" Chamber, 24" x 24" Firebox, Stainless Front Shelf, Enclosed for Firewood and Cooler Storage, and More!

Hybrid Flow Smoker

$5,100 & Up

24" x 72" Hybrid Flow Smoker (Regular and Reverse Flow), 24" x 24" Insulated Fire Box, 36" Rib Box, 14" Wheels and Tires, Chrome Stack, Stainless Handles, Glow In The Dark Temp. Gauges, Dual Racks, and More!

Back Porch Smoker

$3,600 & Up

Chrome Stack, Stainless Front Shelf, Casters for Easy Moving, and so Much More!

Insulated Vertical Offset

$2,400 & Up

24" Insulated Fire Box, Grill Top, 5 Racks Made with 1/4" Steel, Casters for Easy Moving, and so Much More!

Reverse Flow Smoker, Dual Racks, Glow In the Dark Temp. Gauges, Heavy Duty Casters, 1" Ball Valve Drain, Cool Touch Handles, and More!

Jumbo Gravity Feed Smoker


Custom Insulated Gravity Feed Smoker, Powder Coated High Gloss Red.

Tripple Dipper Smoker

$2,800 & Up

36" x 24" Chamber, Vertical Smoke Box, Pull Out Grates, Glow In The Dark Gauges, Stainless Cool Touch Handles, Heavy Duty Casters & More!

Biggie Vertical Smoker

$2,500 & Up

- Vertical Smoker with Charcoal Basket on the Bottom, 4 Pull Out Racks, Gasket Around Both Doors to Keep Heat and Smoke In, All Gauges Are Glow In The Dark For Easy Night Time Reading, Toggle Latches to Keep It Closed Tight & More!

Large Reverse Flow Smoker

$3,200 & Up

24" x 96" Reverse Flow Chamber, 24" x 24" Firebox, Dual Slide Out Racks, Glow In The Dark Temp. Gauges, Cool Touch Handles, Front Shelf and More!

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** NOTE ** All Smokers are custom made. Deposits and final payment are non refundable. Smokers come with a craftsmanship warranty. We allow for a certain amount of welding related issues, such as pinholes and slag, but beyond the "norm" we will happily fix it. We build smokers daily, we will be able to tell if the "issue" with the smoker is our fault, or if you have done something crazy  (like blow up a propane tank inside the smoker, and then ask us why it's warped). We are a small company, so please do not ask us to fix things that were not caused by our craftsmanship.

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