Have you ever wanted to put together your own smoker, but you don't know where to start? This is THE product for you. We have done all the cuts, math and hard work of figuring everything up. With this kit you have the opportunity to build a kick ass smoker made from 1/4" steel. Nothing will compare to the quality of these materials. Weld it yourself, or talk a frriend or family memeber into it. This kit will come with every part needed, but will require additional tools, welding and some fabrication work. Detailed instructions as well as a list of the tools and parts needed will be sent with each order.



- 24" x 48" Smoke Chamber 1/4" Thick with the Door Precut (You will have to do the final cuts)

- 24" x 24" Firebox Made From 1/4" Steel Plate

- Epanded Metal for Racks & Bottom

- 2" Tubing, 1" Tubing, Flat Strap, & 1/2" Angle Iron for Various Parts

- 6" Stack

- 4 Casters (All Locking, 2 Swivle & 2 Straight)

- 2 Cool Touch Stainless Handles

- 4 Bullett Greaseable Hinges

- 1 Teltru Gauge

- Drain w/Ball Vavle


Not Included

- Tools

- Welds

- Paint


Tools Needed

- Welder

- Grinder

- Welding Hood

- Tape Measure

- Square

- Gloves

- Safety Glasses



- Please see shipping section to the right for detailed information.

DIY Smoker Kit

Upgrade Options

*** Please check with us for a more acurate shipping cost. This platform only allows us to list a price per state. We had to go to the furthest place in each state for that pricing. It will likely be cheaper than the listed price ***

DIY Smoker Kits will be shipped on a wood pallet. All the flat pieces will be wraped together and laid down. The Chamber will be ratchet strapped to the pallet. Each pallet will be loaded via fork lift onto the truck. Once it is loaded all damage is out of our hands. It's pretty hard to hurt 1/4" steel, but it cant happen. Each pallet is roughly 1000 lbs.

Delivery to Business: No Liftgate - This is the cheapest option. Select this if you have a business or know a business that will accept your delivery. They will have to have a forklift or some method of unloading the pallet.

Delivery To Business: Liftgate Needed - This is the middle of the road cost. Selct this if you have business or know a business that will accept your delivery. No forklift needed, as it will have a liftgate. The liftgate is just to get it off the truck, not into your building.

Delivery to Residence: Liftgate Needed - This is the most exspensive option. Select this if you need the pallet delivered to your home. This will come with a liftgate to get it off the truck. This is just to get the pallet off the truck. They do not have to get it to your house/garage or indoors. Sometimes they are nice and will do that, but don't count on it.

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